Global Vodka USA WebSite is on the Air!

Global Vodka USA WebSite is on the Air!

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Global Vodka USA has introduced their new website for the USA market.  The new website’s url is and will be the main source of information for the prestigious brand.  The Global Vodka website displays a section for Vodka Drinks where our followers will have the opportunity to learn about different drinks combinations they can prepare with Global Vodka.  The website also has a section for News and Campaigns where you will have the opportunity to learn about the latest and upcoming events as well as what’s new with Global Vodka.

Mr. José Pérez, the head distributor for Global Vodka in USA, is happy to announce that 2019 will be Great for the Italian Vodka in USA.  Global Vodka is an Organic, Gluten Free Vodka and has been recognized with the Best Vodka Award, Customers’ Choice Award, SIP Award, Package Award, Tasting Award, among others.  Mr. Pérez plans to grow the brand not only in the USA but also in Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Global Vodka has presence in New York, Florida, Arizona, Texas and California.  The expansion of the Global Vodka brand to the balance of North America is on track and is expected to reach their goal by the year 2020. 

Retailers are welcome to contact Global Vodka USA by email and by phone 562-334-7974.

One World, One Vodka.